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Both St Joseph's Church at Willunga and St Peter's Church at Normanville have cemeteries adjacent. Graves in both cemeteries date from the very early days of settlement in South Australia.

Both cemeteries are meticulously maintained. The very old graves are treasured for their historical value. They provide a wealth of information for historians.

The Willunga cemetery has various sections including the old historical cemetery where the first burial took place in 1867. This section has many old-style slate and marble monuments and some of the old wrought iron grave fences still remain. There are some more recent graves with full monumentation. This section is now full and is seldom used these days for burials, except for some of the very old families, who still hold plots in this area.

There is a very interesting story regarding an early settler's grave. This story was included in the Official Opening booklet produced at the time of the opening of the new cemetery extensions at Willunga.

There is an excellent website which lists the details of the graves in the Willunga cemetery.

• Historical Sections
Normanville and Willunga
Normanville - Many plots still available.
Willunga - No new plots available - all are presold.

• Rose Garden 1 - Willunga
A few years ago, Rose Garden 1 was established and this consists of a kerbed area in which a red rose garden has been planted. Monuments consist of a granite or bronze plaque on a plinth. The graves are dug in the grass in front of the plinth.

• Rose Garden 2 - Willunga
Rose Garden 2 is similar to Rose Garden 1 except that the modular monuments are mounted on a concrete base. The graves are dug in the grass in front.

• Beam Section - Willunga
The Beam Section has upright monuments mounted on a beam. Height and width restrictions apply. The graves are dug in front of the beam.

• Conventional Section - Normanville
There are ample sites available.

• Niche Walls
Normanville and Willunga

Niche walls, for the interment of cremated remains, are available at both cemeteries. Once the remains are placed in the wall, a standard-sized bronze plaque is fixed in place to cover the niche.

All enquiries regarding burial sites and memorials must be directed to the Curators of the Parish cemeteries.
The fees and costs were revised in 2013 and are available online -
Willunga Parish Cemetery Fees.

Contact: David Manders
Ph: 8556 5667, Mob: 0420 760 220
Email: knd4@bigpond.com

Contact: Jim Fitzpatrick
Ph: 8558 2348, Mob: 0409 336 628
Email: jimandwid@bigpond.com












Pergola for quiet reflection - Willunga

Rose Garden 1 - Willunga

St Peter's cemetery, Normanville

Old cemetery - Willunga

Final resting place of an early settler - Willunga